Control and Manage Data and System Access

Powerful and flexible security tools provide the means for you to control access to your data, documents and system modules as well as organising your personnel into workgroups with specified system access.

Decide which functions, tools, data and fields different workgroups can access and how they can work with them. Users then view and work with only the modules, tools and data required for the activities that they perform. Workgroups are divided into hierarchies with increased access to tools, functions and data for more senior roles.

Security for specific Companies, People and Documents are managed through customisable Rules and security overrides so that you can open or restrict access to data and documents on a case by case basis. Security can control access to functional areas of the system from module level right down to field level if required.

Whether you need to comply with Data Protection Laws or wish to keep some business information confidential Moebius security protects your data with restrictions defined by you for your business.

Audit and History trails records all user actions so that you have full accountability of what actions were taken on your data and by whom.

  • Control System Access
  • Control Data Security
  • Control actions View, Edit, Delete
  • Control availability of specific tools
  • Data Security Changes applied quickly
  • Options to manage specific cases
  • Rule Based security
  • Apply security options to a single field
  • Security Templates facilitate easy application
  • Full audit trail of User actions