From incorporation to liquidation efficiently manage appointments, capitalization and ownership of companies, trusts, branches and other entities registered anywhere in the world. Comply with statutory reporting and manage all the registers of a company.

Implement a corporate risk policy to protect your business from preventable threats and fines. Work confidently, alerts and automated reviews ensure timely due diligence updates and continual compliance. Conduct consolidated database checks from multiple sources.

Service customer requests rapidly and accurately; create, file, find, track, preview, share and work with your documents from your desktop or your mobile. Use multi-lingual search tools to search by name, content or text inside and go directly to what you need.

Keep all case information in one place – all interested parties, counterparties, court appearances, documents and financial information. Unique security for each case ensures confidentiality.

Harness the power of data mining to reveal the trends and patterns in your business with customisable dashboard widgets. Keep in control of your business. Track performance, identify exceptions, set and review targets.

Use timesheets to capture work completed and manage your resources and income. Drive resource planning and sales decisions with the knowledge of where your time is spent and which activities produce the highest income and profit.

Find information fast using keyword searches on the whole system. Search everything including inside documents and emails then browse through results in an easy-to-use clustered display.

Powerful and flexible security tools control access to functional areas and to data based on workgroups. Security exceptions are managed through customisable Rules, explicit security and security overrides.

Create bank accounts using IBAN validation to verify and automatically populate Account details. Record incoming and outgoing transfers and maintain a linked money and paper trail for full accountability.

Keep control of your finances with a complete financial profile. Track and manage submission of statutory financial reports. Streamline data entry with bank transaction imports and exports to accounting systems.

Get your personnel organised and keep them organised with personal and corporate diaries, to-do lists and automated workflows. Create your workflow tasks to deliver quality services that exceed expected standards all the times.

Add value to your business by always creating standardised documents and reports, such as Corporate Registers, in a few simple actions. Search, filter and organise data then export to create reports on-the-fly.

One size never really fits all. In Moebius you can re-design major functional areas to match your business. Extend the functionality to accommodate unique data requirements by creating custom fields and lists.

Understand the entire picture of any project. Collate people, documents, billing and financial details in one place. Safeguard project sensitive information while maintaining access to general information.

Keep organised and productive. Synchronise contacts and correspondence with Microsoft Outlook®. Centralised Contact management uses a single record for all purposes ensuring the latest changes are instantly updated to Officers, Shareholders and Signatories.

Streamline management of leaves, working hours, salaries, and attendance. Integrate your Human Resources information and use personnel data for business activities without breaching confidentiality rules.