Control and Manage Data and System Access

Data Access

Apply security to control which data records your users can view and whether or not they have the right to edit and delete those records.

  • User Groups define Roles and Workgroups
  • Specify View, Edit Delete actions per User Group
  • Apply data access per User Group
  • Group data to apply User Group Access

System Access

Grant Users access to the system based on their work role for example, Company Administration, Compliance and Banking. Provide access to tools such as creation of new records, archiving, merging companies and voiding invoices by seniority.

  • Grant Access to Modules
  • Grant Access to Tools and Wizards
  • Grant Access to create new records
  • Grant Access to Edit and Delete records

Audit and Control

Fine tune system and data access with customisable Rules and Security Overrides. Extensive Audit Trails and control reports keep track of what happens to your data and ensures User accountability.

  • Apply security to a single Company, person or Document
  • Apply Security to restrict the use of a single field
  • Apply security to hide a single field
  • Control access to Custom Fields
  • Report on who can access what
  • Audit trail of User Access and actions
  • Audit Trail of Document