Success Stories

After a lot of market research, we chose Moebius as the main practice management software for our accounting and audit firm.

Moebius helps us collate in one place all the information regarding our audits – contacts, documents, budget, time allocated and time spent to date. We now have a single software for maintaining our client details, recording our audits, managing our timesheets, for billing and handling our employees Annual Leaves. The flexible reporting tools also help us keep on top of deadlines and key performance indicators for our business.

We found Moebius easy to learn and start using quickly, and the implementation was unnoticeable. The support from the Moebius team was great.

Andreas Economides, Partner

Moebius is a robust practice management software, ideal for law firms, fiduciary and corporate service providers.

As regards law firms in particular, Moebius offers an all-round solution allowing the management of legal cases, non-legal cases and companies in a single platform.

Previously we used to have and pay for, two software solutions to handle our legal/court cases and corporate department. With Moebius all is merged into a single application which saves costs, time and offers more flexibility.

Moebius is built on different, highly customizable, modules that include everything a firm requires. They include legal case management, project management, company management, calendaring, document management, time, billing and financial reporting, personnel management, timesheets and many more.

The system is very fast and contains a powerful search engine that can locate information in seconds.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook and the automatic archiving of emails from Outlook in Moebius based on an algorithm that works seamlessly once configured, is another wonderful feature of this program.

The platform offers a lot of other tools that are time and cost savers.

In addition, the excellent support offered by the support team at Moebius is a critical factor to be taken into account when considering a practice management solution.

Having the experience of many practice management software both out of the box and customised I would recommend Moebius to law firms and fiduciary firms without any reservation.

Christophoros Christophi, Managing Partner/Advocate, Christophi & Associates LLC

CPM implemented Moebius as part of an extensive corporate reorganization programme aimed at improving efficiency and maintaining high-quality standardised services across several office locations. Our objective was to merge existing systems into a centralized, single-instance data storage, to reduce the complexity of maintenance and to gain access to centralized data for business planning and monitoring.
Consolidating our legacy systems into Moebius has increased the efficiency of our business in many areas.

By removing data entry and document duplication we have improved the quality of our data and delivered faster, more accurate document storage and retrieval. This in turn has increased quality and speed of services delivered to our clients.

Using Moebius invoicing tools we have moved invoicing to our client service teams and increased the frequency of invoicing. We are now achieving a higher ratio of hours billed and have improved our cash flow.

Due to the centralised system with a single database we are easily able to review performance across the whole business and have developed a suite of Dashboard items to monitor KPIs on a daily basis.

Costas Christoforou, CEO

Law firm Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC, member of the Deloitte Legal network, uses Moebius for integrated case management, document management, time tracking and billing. The enhanced inter-connectivity between all the system’s modules, clients, organisations, people, calendar and cases, increases the efficiency of our practice. It is easy to record and access information whether we are in the office, at the court or in meetings.

Court appearances are scheduled, recorded and charged through a simple streamlined process.

Case and client records are kept up-to -date with minimum work and the powerful system-wide search tool makes finding information and documents effortless.

Our data is being seamlessly integrated with the third party accounting systems through a custom built integration procedure.

From recording client details and creation of documents to capturing time and invoice issuing the powerful and easily customizable system gives each member of our staff the flexibility to organize and manage their workspace for maximum productivity.

Kypros Ioannides, Partner

We decided to use Moebius as we felt that its flexible and customisable rule-based risk analysis tools matched our business requirements and would help us comply with our regulatory obligations.

The benefits delivered to our business by implementing Moebius include increased day-to-day control through data analysis that delivers business critical information in dashboard reports, better quality data due to improved data management and data transparency – identifying and correcting data quality issues is now much easier and as a result is enhancing the efficiency of our business. Furthermore Moebius Compliance module provides an effective tool to our AML function to apply regulatory compliance in an efficient risk based manner.

Throughout the process of implementing the system, which involved migrating data and documents from legacy systems and server storage, we received excellent advice and support that optimised the process and minimised our business disruption.

Moebius personnel continue to deliver an excellent standard of support and we have found them always quick to resolve issues and very responsive to requests for enhancements.

Vassos Paraskeva, Director

We appointed Moebius on a consultancy basis to create for us a sophisticated web-based sales tool to manage sales leads and reservations for the prestigious Ayia Napa Marina.

The tool gives our Sales Offices and Sales Agents, who are located across the globe, access to a centralised resource for managing potential customers.

The site provides a wealth of information on available apartments and villas, high-quality brochures and floor plans, and the ability to book reservations for viewing.

Haris Koureas, Deputy CEO

Working in the highly regulated fiduciary services industry PANGLOBE uses Moebius to manage companies across multiple jurisdictions ensuring that we remain in compliance with regulatory authorities. Moebius’ rule based automated risk assessment is a key tool to help us keep in compliance and to ensure our business operates according to our internal corporate policies and client risk categorisation.

Our client base includes international organizations and high net worth individuals who demand a high level of service provision. Using Moebius we are able to achieve and maintain high quality services. It is easy to maintain our corporate records, view and report on complex corporate structures and find in seconds any client related information including documents.

The ability to search through all our documents, including inside the documents, has significantly reduced the time it takes to locate information and respond to client queries. Furthermore, the security features of Moebius are unparalleled and ensure only authorised persons access relevant information and/or documents.

Michael Constantinides, Managing Director