We feel proud.

We set out to create an easy-to-use software that solves everyday business problems.
And from what our customers tell us, we have achieved that goal.

If you are reading this you are most probably looking for a technology solution to solve some very specific business problems.

Perhaps you are struggling with documents, you want one place to store all your data and information, or you are looking for ways to reduce costs by minimising the software tools you use.

Maybe you want to identify ways to increase your efficiency and to drive better decision making with analyses and reports on your business data. Or you could be looking for better security for your data and information, and more accountability? You may simply want software that is a better fit for your business, something tailored for you but without a high price tag. We think you are looking in the right place.

Moebius Software was built by business people for business use.

Moebius Software is comprised of a range of modules, and each module is carefully crafted to deliver practical solutions for specific business needs based on expert industry feedback.

We understand that not all businesses are the same and that needs differ or change depending on customer demand, new opportunities or even regulation. That is why we made it easy for you to pick and choose which Moebius modules suit your business needs to build your own version of our software. And if your needs change, you can simply add more modules or use our customization tools to ensure that our software continues to be the best fit for you.