Legal Practice Management

Connect all your processes

The enhanced inter-connectivity between all the system’s modules, clients, organisations, people, calendar and cases, increases the efficiency of our practice.

Kypros Ioannides
Partner, Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC, member of the Deloitte Legal network

Collate in one access point case related information including interested parties, counter parties, court appearances, documents, invoices and expenses. For each case you can quickly review its status, add Calendar Events to manage court appearances and meetings, and work with all case related documents. Case Events synchronise with Outlook® to send external parties reminders and to share related documents. Branched and related Legal Proceedings are linked together in Events helping your legal teams to keep informed about related actions.

Upload documents to the Document Manager and reduce the volume of files carried to court by accessing them via iOS and Android applications. Create Templates for your standard legal documents for accurate creation of agreements, correspondence, and power of attorneys in a few minutes.

Our flexible billing supports a wide variety of billing methods such as by court schemes, by the hour, per case, per client, by fixed fees or by pre-agreed consultancy service fees. Manage your cash flow by recording incoming rechargeable expenses, settling them when the associated outgoing invoice is paid.

Support for creating custom and ad-hoc reports means that you can create lists of case documents, invoices, and interested parties in seconds.

Set up access to Case Files to reflect how you manage your practice. Provide legal teams with access to only the customers and cases on which they are working, or open access for all legal teams. Ensure security of information for confidential cases by setting case specific access rights. Within cases you can further restrict access to specific documents if required.

  • Case Details
  • Calendar Events
  • Documents
  • Templates for Legal Documents
  • Billing and Time
  • Access Information in iOS or Android Apps
  • Case Specific Reports
  • Case Specific Access