Legal Practice Management

Connect all your processes

Case Data

Case Data covers both static case information such as description, value and responsible lawyer and dynamically maintained information such as invoices, expenses and payments.

  • Case details including Value, Responsible Lawyer, Budget
  • Contacts list of counterparties and expert advisors
  • Court appearances and meetings
  • Record linked calendar events to manage branching of related cases
  • Link related cases

Billing and Time

Billing for Cases can be managed with manual creation of Invoices or using the Invoice Wizard to gather time and expenses. Fees are calculated from Court Schemes, generated from fixed service charges or created on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Record Time for billing and productivity
  • Record Expenses
  • Record and rechargeable incoming invoices
  • Review billing and financial transactions per case
  • Create billing items and tasks based on Calendar events
  • Automatically assign correct billing fee according to Court Pricing Schemes
  • Bill by Hour or by fee pre agreed or standard fee

Case Calendar

Use the Event calendar to manage reminders for Court Appearances preparation and attendance. Case specific events are displayed on each case making reporting of court appearances fast and easy.

  • Events for Court Appearances
  • Internal and External Meetings
  • Link Case/ meeting specific Documents
  • Events synchronized with Outlook®
  • Internal and External Participant Reminders
  • Auto-generate Timesheets for billing


Reduce the time needed to find case related documents by linking them directly to the case. Documents can be accessed on mobile devices and are accessible anywhere.

  • Case specific documents
  • Templates for standard contracts and communications
  • Inline editing of legal documents
  • Versioning of legal documents
  • Access case specific documents on mobile devices
  • Document Tracking
  • Barcode for locating Physical files quickly


From standard case details reports to lists of documents, appointments and invoices creation of Case related reports is fast and accurate.

  • Standard Case details Reports
  • Case Budgeting reports
  • Export lists of case details – documents, Invoices
  • Create Custom Reports


Access to case details is managed through Moebius functional and data security. Case specific Security can be applied where required.

  • Case access based on Workgroups
  • Ability to set case Specific Access
  • Ability to block access to Case Documents