Document Management

The ability to search through all our documents, including inside the documents, has significantly reduced the time it takes to locate information and respond to client queries.

Michael Constantinides
Managing Director, PANGLOBE Services Limited

Keep all your documents in one place regardless of file type or size, including your important email correspondence. Access your Documents wherever you are using our iOS and Android Applications on your mobile device.

Keep the volume of your document repository optimised without compromising on content by removing duplicates. Document Management identifies duplicates by content then prevents upload. Increase document accessibility and relevance by linking interested parties to a single document.

Find, preview, track, share and work with files in seconds. Search by name or by content, even search for text inside scanned documents to go directly to what you want. Use multi-lingual text in searches of names and content.

Know where your physical documents are and why with document tracking and file barcodes. Keep on top of Compliance and Due Diligence with renewal reminders for compliance documents and expiring agreements. Users view and work with only their own workgroup’s documents while highly confidential documents are protected with additional security.

  • Management of digital and physical Files/Documents
  • Document Filing and Tracking
  • Access documents in iOS and Android apps
  • Editing and version control
  • Search by name and text inside
  • Multi-lingual search
  • OCR search of scanned documents
  • Mail Integration
  • Security and History