Document Management

Find, preview, share and work with files

Document Filing and Tracking

Perform fast document filing with bulk upload of up to 250 documents in a single drag-and-drop action. Add tracking details and links in batches. Drag attachments off emails or drag the whole email to file it.

  • Fast upload of multiple files of any format
  • Bulk upload, Linking and Tracking of any file type
  • Track movement, status, follow up and expiry dates of documents
  • De-duplication – documents common to multiple entities filed once but available to all
  • Drag-and-drop to file emails or attachments

Find and work with Documents

Search for uploaded documents using file names, tracking details or even by text inside a document. Preview in the Document Viewer then email the correct document directly to recipients.

  • Search – document name and text inside (OCR recognition of scanned documents)
  • Fast retrieval and previewing of documents
  • History of Users Opening, Viewing and Deleting documents
  • Quick document preview tool – Document Viewer
  • Search for Documents using tracking details

Access documents in iOS and Android Applications

Access your documents wherever you are using Moebius iOS or Android applications. Search for and view documents of most popular types on your mobile device.

  • File types supported, docx, xslx, PDF, msg, jpg, bmp, txt.
  • View documents
  • Find and email documents

Barcodes for Physical Files

Keep track of your physical files and documents with Barcodes. Scan files in and out of locations and know where they are all the time, whether that’s in the archive, on someone’s desk or at an external location.

  • Barcode and assigned to locations
  • Search and locate by barcode
  • Assign to onsite or off-site locations
  • Relocate by scanning barcodes

Editing, Versions and email

Make changes to your uploaded documents directly without the need to download and upload. Edit in-line to create new documents, new versions or simply correct an existing document. Email or Zip and email directly from within Moebius.

  • Edit and replace original
  • Edit and create new document
  • Edit and create new version
  • Manage multiple document Versions
  • Email documents directly from Moebius
  • ZIP and email multiple document in one action

Security and Audit

Save all your business documents in Document Manager but don’t let all users view them. Users can access documents relevant to their work and their companies. Document access can be restricted by document type, linked company or explicit document security.

  • Access to documents controlled by workgroup disciplines
  • Access only my companies’ documents
  • Restrict access to confidential documents
  • Audit Trail of Actions on Documents
  • Audit of Document Views