Data Mining and Exception Reporting

Analyse the trends and patterns in your business

Start your working day with a snapshot of your business. Moebius customisable dashboard reports allow you to quickly understand your cash flow, sales, available capacity and to keep an eye Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Your personal Dashboard is available on your mobile device so you can use it to drive correct business decisions even when you are away from your desk.

While your employees are working they record a wealth of important information. With Moebius standard reports and custom tools you can access and analyse that information in order to make well informed business decisions.

Analyse this data to keep an eye on volume of work completed, sales and outstanding payments. Identify which teams and users have unaccounted for time and know the value of your pending invoices. View the value of your invoices incoming and outgoing, pending payment, Sales trends per month or year.

Pro-actively keep ahead of regulatory authority compliance requirements by reviewing alerts for companies without compliance checks, with upcoming compliance reviews or expiring compliance documents. Alerts for other important documents such as Contracts and Powers of Attorneys with pending renewal, assist with maintaining your company’s due diligence policy.

  • Fully customizable Dashboard
  • Instant access to Key Performance indicators
  • Sales, WIP and Invoice Ageing Analyses
  • Track logging of timesheets
  • Missing crucial data reports
  • Expiring documents
  • Annual Levy renewal report
  • User Activity Audits
  • Document opening audits