Data Mining and Exception Reporting

Analyse the trends and patterns in your business

Customisable Dashboard

Create Dashboards for each User or User Role by assembling ready-made reports. For reports unique to your business Moebius’ team of developers will work with you to create dashboard items.

  • Ready to go Dashboard Reports
  • Custom Reports for your business
  • Create Dashboards per Role or User
  • Export Dashboard Report Data to Excel
  • Print Dashboard Reports

Performance Analysis reports

Performance analysis report analyse data captured in timesheets, invoices and payments and deliver statistics for Clients, Users, Departments per reporting period.

  • Client Profitability
  • Department/ Team Profitability
  • Service Type Profitability
  • Sales and Collection Reports
  • Timesheets vs Contractual Hours
  • Timesheets vs Billing Targets
  • Timesheet Submissions and Approvals

Financial Analysis Reports

Financial analysis provides you with the details of sales and collections trends for your whole business, per billing group, per department or per company.

  • Invoices Issued
  • Payments Received
  • Invoice Ageing
  • Statement of Account
  • Customer Account
  • Outstanding Balance

Exception Reports

Help our personnel plan their work and keep records up to date with pro-active reporting of expiring documents and missing records.

  • Documents Expiring
  • Documents Missing Expiry Date
  • Records Missing Compliance Data
  • Compliance Review Due