Company Administration

Incorporation to liquidation

Consolidating our legacy systems into Moebius has increased the efficiency of our business in many areas. By removing data entry and document duplication we have improved the quality of our data and delivered faster, more accurate document storage and retrieval. This in turn has increased quality and speed of services delivered to our clients.

Costas Christoforou
CEO, Cyproman Services Limited

From incorporation to liquidation efficiently manage appointments, capitalization, ownership and statutory reporting for companies, trusts, branches and other entities registered anywhere in the world. Efficient capture, maintenance and retrieval of company details are the core of Company Administration.

The module’s features hold all the information you need to meet compliance and statutory reporting requirements. Data checks, validations and reuse, ensure minimal duplication and accurate up-to-date records. Effortlessly create and report on complex business structures by appointing Directors, Shareholders and Beneficiaries. Information retrieval takes seconds using Keyword searches that search across all data.

Generate pre-defined reports, including Corporate Register, or use our reporting tools to create reports on-the-fly to meet ad-hoc demands. Choose to print a full Corporate Register, single or selected registers or only the relevant registers.

Users can access, view and work with only the information required for the activities that they perform. Your confidential information remains confidential with additional access restrictions defined by you for your business.

  • Company Management
  • Officers and Registered Address
  • Capital and Share Registry
  • Documents and Templates
  • Search and Report tools
  • Audit and History Records