Company Administration

Incorporation to liquidation

Company Management

From the date of incorporation through to liquidation, Company Management supports all the information that you will need to manage a company during its period of activity.

  • Multiple Legal Entity Types Companies, Trusts, Branches, Subsidiaries
  • Build complex Corporate Structures
  • Relationships between entities past and present
  • Company Ownership Structures with exportable structure reports
  • View both Owned by and Owns structures
  • Corporate Register – full set of Registers printed as one or individual registers
  • Mortgages, Court Orders, Charges, Powers of Attorney
  • Restricted access to confidential information
  • Multiple addresses and communication channels
  • Address book of important contacts
  • Custom fields
  • Duplicate record checks
  • Merge duplicate data
  • Alerts – notes and warnings
  • Liquidation
  • Archiving of records
  • Assign companies to workgroups

Capital and Share Registry

Easy to use and understand transaction based recording of Capital and Shareholder for all jurisdictions and all actions. View summaries of a company’s current ownership and capitalisation. Or get a complete picture for today or at any time in its history.

  • Full transactional history of Capital and shareholders
  • View Capital and Shareholders as at a specified date
  • Graphical ownership breakdown – number of shares and % of share class
  • Support for all transactions and all jurisdictions including No Par Value shares, Fractional shares, Currency and Class conversions, premiums, payments
  • Shareholder Management – Past, Current, Joint Shareholders, Nominee shareholders
  • Full historical reporting gives names and addresses of Shareholders as at the time reported
  • Accurate capital reporting
  • Nominees with links to Beneficiaries
  • Full share certificate management
  • Easy to use and understand forms assist fast data entry

Officers and Registered Address

Keep the details of all current and historical Directors, Secretaries and Registered Addresses and receive alerts when changes require reporting to local authorities.

  • Directors, Secretaries
  • Trustees, Settlors, Protectors
  • Authorised Persons
  • Appointments, resignations, Alternates, Assistant
  • Registered, Local and legal addresses
  • Meetings – AGMs, Annual Reports
  • Alerts for Statutory reporting requirement changes

Documents and Templates

Fast creation of standard correspondence and contractual documents saves time and increases the accuracy and consistency of your business documents. Each company has its own library of executed documents organised into folders for ease of access.

  • Standardised Correspondence templates
  • Legal Document Templates
  • Mail merge for fast compilation of templates
  • Templates for any form of document – internal and external
  • Contracts, Letters, Bank Account applications
  • Company documents organized in a folder structure

Search and Report tools

Find what you need fast with Keyword searches that return results from all stored data including documents. Entity specific searches provide multiple search criteria options to display just the records needed for your current activity. Search then filter, group, and export data to create on the fly reports.

  • Full data search by keywords
  • Extensive and customisable entity searches
  • Find companies by related entities – Directors or shareholders
  • Ad-hoc reporting tools
  • Filter and group data for on the fly reports
  • Standard Reports
  • Ability to design your own or customise existing reports
  • Customisable User Interface

Audit and History Records

Know exactly what was changed, when and by whom with a complete audit trail of changes, insertions and deletions. Important actions are flagged and used for reports and generating alerts.

  • Full audit history maintained for all records
  • Historical reporting for regulatory forms and Corporate Register
  • Changes made by whom and when
  • View record as at the point of change