Billing and Time Management

Generate invoices from time and expenses

Billing and Time management functions support the billing cycle from recording of time through to collection of payment. Flexible invoice generation options allow you to invoice in advance or to bill services as they are completed without losing control of profitability analyses. Generate Invoices from Time, Expenses or add manual items to bill in advance and allocate time and expenses as they are incurred.

Use timesheets to capture your work completed and use these records to manage your resources and income. Structured customisable Timesheet and Expense categories facilitate reporting on deployment of resources and links to invoicing and collection indicate which activities generate the best profit.

You can manage special agreements through discounts, custom pricing lists or write offs, and record the difference between lost revenue and discounted services. Record rechargeable services such as outsourced consultancy as incoming invoices and link them to outgoing invoices then recover the cost before settling incoming invoices.

  • Fast recording of Time and Expenses
  • Approval paths for Time, Expenses and Invoices
  • Bill by time, service, activity or pricing scheme
  • Create multiple price lists
  • Record payments and issue receipts
  • Triple check Outstanding Amount, Invoice Ageing and Customer Account