Increased value and usability of banking data

Banking functions within Moebius provide many benefits from increased usability of banking information to reduction of the work required to maintain records.

Quickly record account details using IBAN validation to verify accuracy of data and populate account details. Add signatories to accounts including sample signatures to confirm validity of written instructions.

Import account transactions and balances from Internet Banking Systems. Then use imported data to compile banking reports such as Cash Inflow and Outflow across multiple accounts and currencies. Current Cash position again per currency or by base currency.
Moebius uses imported ECB exchange rates for accurate foreign currency calculations.

Remove the need for duplicate work and keep the data in your business and accounting systems fully synchronised by exporting transactions, invoices, payments and receipts to your accounting system.

Linking supporting documents, such as payment instructions, contracts and loan agreements, to Money Transfers and Account transactions means that you can instantly answer queries about the transaction.

  • Banks and Branches
  • Bank Accounts
  • Online IBAN Validation
  • Automatic account details generation
  • Money Transfers
  • Account Transactions
  • Linked supporting documents
  • Account Statement Import
  • Account Balance Reconciliation
  • Exchange Rate Automatic Import (ECB Rates)
  • Automatic foreign currency transaction calculation