Increased value and usability of banking data


Import account transactions and balances into Moebius and use customised banking reports and data for compliance and control purposes.

  • Import Bank Statements
  • Import Bank Balances
  • Reconcile Accounts
  • Export to Business/ Accounting Systems
  • Interface with Internet Banking
  • Link Supporting Documents to Transactions

Banking Reports

Use account transaction records to create custom banking reports for compliance and control purposes.

  • Cash Position across multiple accounts with multiple currencies
  • Calculate Turnover for Compliance
  • Automatically identify companies exceeding compliance thresholds
  • Expenses Reports
  • Transactions reports
  • Cash inflow and outflow reports

Account Management

Maintain full account management in Moebius including signatories with sample signatures. Link supporting documents to transfers such as instructions, contracts and loan agreements to provide fast and accurate answers to customers, regulators and auditors queries.

  • Full Account Management
  • Verify Account Details
  • IBAN Validation
  • Reconcile Accounts – discover discrepancies
  • Bank Transfers
  • Link documents to transactions and Transfers
  • Create Payment Records
  • Account Signatories with sample signatures