How can AI/ Machine Learning help organize and file documents correctly?

How can AI/ Machine Learning help organize and file documents correctly?

When it comes to document management there are three common problems that businesses face which can be boiled down to one single grand issue, incorrect filing:

  1. The Human Factor: With personnel filing large volumes of documents on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, there will always be a percentage that, due to user error, will end up filed incorrectly. Regardless of what system you use.
  2. Migration: When moving from a file server based system to a Document Management system you can finish up with a large volume of documents that cannot be migrated into the correct folders, even with good file clean up prior to the migration.
  3. Filing Inconsistency: A common issue on server based filing systems that remains largely overlooked due to file servers’ limitations. Typically, over time files are saved in an inconsistent and chaotic manner and are difficult to identify and clean up. A process which, when done manually, can take days or even months to complete, depending on the volume of the documentation.

Within a Document Management system, applying AI/Machine Learning helps to solve these problems in two ways:

  1. For unfiled migrated documents: AI tools analyse documents using both, deep learning and classic semantic analysis of the content, and then place the documents into folders corresponding to their respective keywords. Thus automating the laborious manual process.
  2. For existing filed documents: Once again, a keyword analysis takes place across the filed documents, and when a document is found to be located within a folder that does not correspond to the document’s content, it is moved to the correct folder. This performs a regular clean-up process that catches user errors and prevents large volumes of inconsistent filing building up.

In conclusion, using AI/Machine Learning to clean up documents can deliver to businesses improvements in efficiency and quality of work by:

  • Improving the quality of the Document Archive through continuously analysing and correcting metadata on filed documents, hence dynamically reducing user errors that occur over time.
  • Improving overall business performance by ensuring employees find the right documents quickly, whilst simultaneously reducing the risk of errors, such as using, sharing, or sending incorrect or outdated documents by mistake.
  • Removing any need to spend countless hours manually checking, reorganizing, and refiling documents.

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