Five Productivity Enhancing Features – You Should Know About

Every day we use software products to store, organise and reuse important business information with the expectation of achieving greater efficiency and in turn more profit. However, as we are not always aware of all the potential of the products that we use, we end up falling short on our goals!

In this article, we share with you five features of Moebius Legal Practice Management that can increase your efficiency by getting the most out of Moebius.

First up is our recently enhanced Case Events. Events help you ensure you never miss important deadlines or waste time looking for case related documents and information. Events build a timeline of actions – court appearances, filings, meetings, document deadlines, phone calls. By recording these actions on a case all participants immediately understand the progress of the case and can quickly access information pertinent to each action – including linked documents and deadlines. As an added bonus you can effortlessly deliver up-to-date branded timeline reports to your clients with a few clicks.

Another challenge faced by busy legal practices is keeping on top of client correspondence. Moebius Outlook Integration automatically files client correspondence onto the correct case and handles attachments according to rules set by you. By simply including a case number in your email correspondence, Moebius takes care of the rest, filing the emails on receipt. So if you want to find an email about a specific case, don’t lose time trawling through outlook – go directly to your case in Moebius.

With an eye on profit it is important to know when costs start to outrun budgets. Moebius Case Budget and Pricing module compares budgets to costs giving a visual warning when a case starts to go over budget. You can set a budget for each case representing either your agreed fee or your expected billing. As lawyers record time and expenses, Moebius indicates if you are on target or alerts if you are over budget.

Keeping clients informed on financial matters, especially for larger clients with multiple ongoing cases, can mean juggling multiple reports. Moebius integrated Billing functions offer many advantages for financial reporting; for example, you can generate Statements of Accounts from a case, a client or client group at the click of a button.

A big factor in maintaining a professional image and avoiding possible regulatory issues, is keeping client’s personal details up-to-date. Our timesaving Contact Information Form makes maintaining client information as easy as dragging and dropping a file. Email the Contact Information Form directly from Moebius with current details, and then, drag and drop the updated form into Moebius to update and correct your data.

Start using these Moebius features today and see your productivity increase.

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