Turnaround documents in minutes, even with remote working!

If that sounds like an impossible dream, think again.

Processing documents quickly has always been a challenge and the WFH (work from home) order intensifies that challenge. With up to 70% of personnel working at home getting documents approved and signed often entails them circulating around the city by courier.
Using Moebius Document Management, you can create a document, send it for approval, sign it and deliver it to your client by email in minutes. All without leaving your office or home working space and including multiple signatures.

“Moebius has helped us significantly reduce the time it takes to turnaround our documents,” says Kypros Ioannides, Partner at Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC, member of the Deloitte Legal network.
“By implementing an end-to-end system in Moebius not only do we process documents in minutes but we are ensured of document security and have full understanding of who signed what and when through the workflows and audit trails.”

The features of Moebius Document Management help you to reduce drastically the time it takes to create, approve, sign and deliver any type of document. Moebius achieves this by combining template generation with document approval workflows and tops it off with the ability to digitally or facsimile sign your document in one integrated system.

As Moebius users can be based anywhere, WFH colleagues automatically receive alerts to review or sign a document regardless of the originator’s location. Moebius also handles edits and conversion to PDF so there is no need for multiple software tools. In addition, documents remain within the Moebius Document Management repository ensuring that they stay in a safe and secure environment.

Moebius supports several methods of document signing, from the simplest – a scan of your signature – through certified electronic signatures. By collaborating with specialist service providers such as DocuSign and Block.co we support a variety of electronic signatures and securing documents using cryptographic blockchain technology.

You can also make light work of monitoring other business procedures by using Moebius’ workflows to implement collaborative tasks across dispersed teams. This automated work allocation removes delays between steps in a procedure. By viewing the whole workflow with associate tasks, personnel can identify and deal with bottlenecks quickly. In this way, managers keep track of the overall progress of multiple procedures with ease.

For simpler work items, users can create tasks from incoming emails and then allocate them to themselves or co-workers. This moves items that are difficult to manage in email into a centralised, more accountable and easier to manage format.

To learn more about how Moebius can help you manage your distributed workforce contact us on info@moebiussoftware.com or call 22 275190.