What Small Businesses Want From Technology

What Small Businesses Want From Technology

Small businesses want the same benefits from technology as big businesses, but the challenge is doing so on a smaller budget.

Whether you look at start-up businesses or growing a smaller business the same requirements apply. They want:

Tools to support a variety of business needs

Transparency and manageability of fees

Excellent Support without unexpected expenses

Peace of mind regarding security and data protection

Easy path to accommodate growth


How Moebius helps

Moebius offers many modules typically prioritised by small businesses such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Lead Management, Billing, Document Management and even HR. In addition, several modules meet more specialised needs such as Compliance, Legal Case Management, Corporate Administration and Project Management.

As well as delivering a variety of functions our integrated approach offers operational efficiencies such as fast data capture reducing duplicate records, easier compliance with regulations such as GDPR and, most importantly, fantastic reporting opportunities through customisable business analysis reports.

Moebius is a licenced product with no hidden extras. Our customers pay a licence fee per user per month and a small set up and training fee. The licence includes all new releases of the software and comprehensive support delivered by email, by remote access or on site according to need.

By deploying Moebius on a shared or dedicated cloud installation, small businesses can benefit from all the advantages of the software for an additional modest monthly fee and without the cost of upfront infrastructure overheads.

We provide this service in collaboration with CL8, which means the server complies fully with PCI DSS Data Security Standards, an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes, so mitigating concerns regarding data protection.

This model of deployment also offers seamless scalability. A small business can start on a shared server, grow to a dedicated server and then if required move to an in house deployment with virtually no disruption to business processes.

To find out how Moebius software can help you run your small business without challenging your budget, book a free consultation or trial installation today.