Search Engine

Search across all data including inside documents

Moebius Search Engine, MISA, is your starting point for working with Moebius and is the quickest way to find information based on keyword searches. Searching by company name returns in seconds links to the company details plus all associated records such as its shareholdings, directorships, documents, invoices, contacts and addresses.

MISA searches across all data including inside documents and uploaded emails and returns results in an easy to use clustered display of clickable links.

Use the links to open and work with the data and documents. Results even contain a ‘mail to’ link so that you can find and send documents faster than from your desktop. Click the link to create a mail with the document already attached.

Searches inside documents return results for scanned documents using OCR technology that handles poor quality scanned documents with ease. MISA also supports multi-lingual keywords so finding documents containing references to foreign nationals in Greek or Russian language is a breeze.

  • Moebius Instant Search Assistant
  • Searches across all data
  • Search scanned Documents
  • Uses Keyword and Boolean operators
  • Results returned according to security access
  • Clustered/ grouped results for quick browsing
  • Search inside documents including emails
  • Searches inside many formats including images
  • Supports many formats including PDF, JPG, TIF, DOCX, XLSX