Reports and Templates

Add value to your business

Standard Reports

A suite of ready to use reports that cover typical business needs from day one. Reports are specific to the different areas of operation and include Corporate Register, Company Relations, Registrars Forms, and Company and People listings.

  • Suite of standard information reports
  • Business Details
  • Corporate Register
  • Legal Forms
  • Registrars Letter

Financial Analysis Reports

Follow your revenue stream from work completed through to settlement of invoices. Financial Analysis reports allow you to account for potential revenue, current sales, collection and available capacity for your whole business or by workgroups.

  • Statement of Account
  • Invoice Ageing
  • Customer Account
  • Cash flow and collections
  • WIP Analysis
  • List of Payments
  • List of Invoices
  • List of Services

Business Control Reports

Do you know if all your employees have completed their timesheets or if all your supervisors are on top of approvals? Are your employees busy working on revenue generating activities or bogged down in administration? Which teams work more efficiently and why? These questions highlighting some key performance indicators for your business are answered by a number of business control reports.

  • Business performance analysis
  • Timesheet Exceptions
  • Audit Status
  • User Activity

Custom Reports and Templates

Every business is unique and its customers likewise are equally unique. If our standard reports don’t quite do what you want, you don’t have to compromise. Create your own or adapt one of ours to fit.

Present consistent and professional business communications every time by creating templates for your business documents. In built mail-merge features make it fast and easy to create documents and keep all Users on the same page when communicating with your customers.

  • Report Designer
  • Fully customizable reports and templates
  • Tools to create reports on demand
  • Standardized business documents
  • Mail merge functions