Keep in control of your business finances

Use extensive financial tools and reports to keep in control of your business finances and manage your customers’ financial positions. Financial analysis reports deliver breakdowns on all phases of the financial cycle from pending work in progress (WIP) through invoice ageing to profitability of teams or clients.

Manage your cash flow generation efficiently with Moebius WIP reports that account for the value of time and expenses pending billing. Control your cash position using invoice ageing reports to follow up outstanding balances and link settlement of incoming rechargeable expenses to receipt of customer payment.

Know the value of your clients. Productivity reports and timesheet analysis identify which clients and activities deliver the highest business value. Comparison of billable time to invoicing and collection identify early potential problems with productivity and cash flow generation.

Manage other financial details by recording as Petty Cash, Fixed Assets, direct and indirect Tax submissions.

  • Financial Management of your company
  • Cash flow Analysis
  • Profitability Management
  • Manage direct and Indirect Taxes