Contact Management

Keep organised and productive

Contact Management centralises your contact information to promote easy maintenance and accurate record keeping. A single contact record is used for all purposes such as Officers, Shareholders, Beneficiaries and Signatories. Any changes made to the record are immediately updated to related entities.

Checks on data entry minimise capture of duplicate records and merge tools allow data clean up without losing valuable information including links to related entities for merged records. In addition inactive records can be archived for maximum efficiency.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook® ensures synchronisation of contact records and correspondence. Export tools update Outlook® with new contacts or changes to contacts made in Moebius. Drag-and-drop emails and attachments from Outlook to the Moebius Document Management module for fast upload of correspondence and related documents.

Scheduling personal or group meetings is easy with Moebius Event Calendar’s pre-defined meeting templates. Common administration activities such as selection of attendees, generation of timesheets for billing and reminders are automated for each event. Events created in Moebius synchronise with Outlook® Calendar and send invitations and reminders on synchronisation.

In-built communication protocols allow users to Skype or email directly from Moebius streamlining communications without the need to keep switching between software packages.

  • Extensive company and people detail records
  • All fields required for compliance
  • Integrated communications Protocols for Skype call/ email
  • Customisable Overview
  • Summary of latest activity
  • Address management with merge and usage tools
  • Legal addresses management
  • Search for Contacts by common address
  • Ability to build private contacts and
  • Microsoft Outlook® Integration
  • Export Contacts to Outlook®
  • Schedule meetings in Event Calendar
  • Synchronise Events with Outlook®
  • Assign Contacts to workgroups
  • Restrict access by workgroup
  • Notes and Comments
  • Broadcast Messages and warnings
  • Company contacts with roles – Auditor, Lawyer, Consultant
  • Ability to merge duplicate contacts
  • Archiving of old records