Keep up with regulatory requirements

Customizable Risk Rules and Risk Rates

Design Risk Rules with a weighted scoring system to assess all your business contacts for compliance and to manage corporate risk. Risk Assessment results are compared to a range of scores on Risk Rates and the corresponding rate applied. Critical Rules can be defined to overrule calculated rates for critical data or exceptions such as Politically Exposed Persons or Trusts. Reviews are signed off by specified personnel to ensure accountability in line with statutory requirements.

  • Rule based risk analysis and Risk Rating
  • Customizable Corporate risk profiles
  • Regulatory Authority Risk Management
  • Automated Risk Reviews
  • Two stage Risk Review Acceptance

Management of Beneficial Owners

Ensure that your Beneficiary details are correct and stay correct as your companies’ capital ownership changes. Beneficiaries are appointed as their shareholding is recorded and the system calculates ownership percentage based on voting shares across all classes. When changes are made to share certificates or Capital all affected Beneficiaries are updated dynamically.

  • Dynamic Beneficiary Management
  • Capital changes updates beneficial owners automatically
  • Division of voting and Non-voting shares
  • Automatic calculation of Ownership %
  • Ownership based on Voting shares
  • Restricted access to confidential information about Ultimate Beneficial Owners

Exception reporting and expiring document alerts

Risk Rating is only one aspect of good compliance. You also need to ensure that your KYC and Due Diligence documents are up to date and discover which entities are missing risk related data. The Compliance module reports missing data so that you can be sure your assessment results are correct while Dashboard tools alert you to expiring documents such as passports and Powers of Attorney.

  • Regulatory Data Capture
  • KYC and Due Diligence data and Documents
  • Missing, expiring and out of date document alerts
  • Missing Data checks

Reports and Audits

Moebius contains a suite of reports designed to meet the unique needs of Compliance Officers. An integrated tool for conducting background checks from multiple sources generates a consolidated report automatically linked to the entity. Corporate Structures from the simplest to the most complex are generated in exportable format with a few clicks. Lists of services provided, clients and their jurisdiction are easily generated on demand while a full History and Audit of data ensures that records are kept up-to-date and any changes are fully accounted for.

  • Integrated multi-source background checks and reporting
  • Reports of Nominee and other Services provided
  • Corporate Structure Diagram Owner Of and Owned By
  • Full audit history of company and people changes
  • Statutory Reporting