Calendar and Task Management

Get organised and productive

Get your personnel organised and keep them organised with personal and corporate calendars events, to-do lists and automated workflows.

Schedule internal and external meetings in the Event Calendar and export to Outlook® to create reminders for external parties and provide access to linked documents. The Event Calendar displays leaves, as well as business meetings and contains several views to suit different information needs. View Events in the Calendar to get a global organisation wide view or go to Companies, People, Projects or Cases to view entity specific Events.

Implement business procedures with customisable workflows and ensure that your level of service provision meets expectations for quality and standardisation across your organization. Tasks are also linked to automated workflows used to manage approvals for Timesheets, Expenses and invoices. These automated customisable approval paths save time and promote efficiency by catching errors and omissions early. Employees can create their own tasks to receive reminders for their personal To Do List items.

  • Schedule appointments and link to related entities
  • Attach documents to events to share will attendees
  • Use calendar appointments to generate timesheets
  • Events automatically synchronized with Outlook®
  • Create chained events to keep track of sequential meetings
  • Use recurring events to manage repetitive meetings
  • View Employee availability – sick leaves and holidays
  • Automated workflows for key tasks – Timesheet, invoice and expenses approvals
  • Construct custom workflows for your procedures
  • Create manual tasks for ad-hoc projects and personal use