Business Projects Management

Understand the entire picture of any project

Simplify the administration of complex business projects, such as Investment Projects, Engagement Projects or Consultancy Projects, by bringing together all related information in one access point.

Collate people, documents, billing and financial details. No need for duplication of work simply gather your existing information into a new administrative tool. This central repository then makes maintaining Project related information easier and helps you answer project related customer queries efficiently.

Related projects are also handled. Link associated projects in either a hierarchical structure or a linear structure. You can also apply Project Specific security to have greater control over who can view and work with project information.

  • Group together details of each Business Project
  • Create a hierarchy of linked projects
  • Save contact lists of participants and advisors
  • Review billing, expenses and financial transactions
  • Record calendar events
  • Reporting and billing by project
  • Designated project administrator
  • Store project related Documents